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4-20 Moments

Clothing    Cards
Custom Shirts: Design on back
Standard shirts: Design on front
Redbubble, Threadless
#1 Rule.
If it made us laugh
We put it on a shirt!
We wanted "Humour
            with just a little bit
     of style."
Or maybe you want
a Card?

Then don't worry... just... 

Our new 420 Moment greetings cards will be here soon: 

(Dubbed the Kray Brothers of T-shirt Design)

'Had to Tee There'
our new collection

Enter the whacky bizarre minds of  two possibly derranged brothers

As they go from messed up puns to straight up insults!

and if you may be offended....


Collaborative passion project, bringing together humour, style and originality 

42 unique designs each aiming at that WHAT THE FUCK feeling!

Click on any of the designs shop for our custom shirts, or for more products click


to see more goods, or if your from the USA!

And if it's all just too much for you... then here's a


Here’s a fun little summary we’ve b 420 moments The Solly brothers (dubbed the Kray brothers of t shirt design) have a series of 42 designs inspired by one rule... if it makes them laugh they put it on a shirt! Enter the whacky bizarre minds of these two possibly deranged brothers as go from messed up puns to straight up insults! These two brothers are artists and filmmakers living in Dorset and have collaborated to create the 4-twentees passion project, hoping to bring humour together with a sense of style: creating 42 original, unique designs each aiming for that what the fuck feeling
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