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We are a family run production company

that produces: 

-Short films 
-Feature length films
-Music videos
-Album covers, 
-Graphics & Branding
-Corporate promotional material.




Charles Solly, 1994

Has a multitude of skills across a film set including:



Director Of Photography 


Score Artist & Lyricist

Actor & Poet

Charles is planning to release multiple Comical Rap songs onto the Web and festival circuits - hopefully ruffling some feathers along the way. 

James Solly, 1991

- is an Artist & Holistic Therapist who's gone full throttle & taken to Film Producing and Production Design after having created his own short film and been the man-power behind dozens of projects as the on set muscle man. 


Christina Solly, 1998

- is an organised and critically minded post production whiz: and on set Clapper Loader/ D.I.T. / Script Supervisor and off set Editor and Colour Gradist.





There has never been a better time in history for a creative individual to be able to try his hand at all the mediums encapsulated in the film making process - that is, not without having an enormous budget and far too much time on your hands. Through elated passion, and sometimes sheer grit and determination we have decided to try our hand at as much as we could, and learn from all departments within the film industry so as to be able to create high quality content independently, in the hopes of bringing something new and authentic to you guys!

Resultantly, since 2017 we have:
-Managed the post production line of 2 Feature Films as consultant editors, 
-Churned out 9 Music Videos, 
-Created 3 Album Covers,
-Produced 5 Commercials and one entire Advertisement Campaign. 

We are up for hire, as a production company, as content creators,

or even as individuals for your cast or crew

- So get in touch! 


Phone: 07938654300

Home: 01425672287

Robinswood, 133 Burley Road, Bransgore

Christchurch (Bournemouth)

Dorset, BH23 8JA

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