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Click on the characters to check out what they're all about! 

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These six characters are the beginning of an expansive 

cartoon world.

Starting with...

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Leading Up to

The Drop

Bad Bitch
Road To Drop for Loose Moose NFT collection by 420 Moments
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Road  2the



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Events following

The Drop

Loose Moose Road Map NFT 420 Moments
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Post   DROP



The Loose Moose

The Shaman of the Solliverse

Aims:The Moose Will:

Host Sollywood's cartoon radio show
(radio - inspired playlists & cartoon podcasts)

Be the Shamanic guide for Sollywood's Cartoon Universe

Present the philosophies of Sollywood:
   - The ideas and motivations behind our many quests.

Explain the way of 'Buddhisava: the returned hero'

Bring looseness to the masses: utilising the power of 'THE PASSIVE' for calmness & 'fluidity of mind'.

Be the face of Helpful Holistic's introductory Hypnotherapy programme: (Below)

S.U.P. Dawg

The Loose Moose

The Loose Moose copy.png

In association with


Higher Self & Inner Child 

A Guided Meditations Audio Programme

By Helpful Holistics


Dear Humans,


  • Power: antlers act as antennas channelling the          spirits of past shamanic leaders.

  • Passions: Stain glass windows.Tripping. Loving stuff.

  • Enemy: The Ass called Umi

          - while The Loose Moose learns, Umi assumes.

  • Soulmate: Snoozy moose

  • Friends: Tigger and Pooh

  • Dance: The Moose

   Write Your Background here:

Please go ahead and tune in to
my m
oosey content
to discover
 the deep wisdom
and mystical origins
 of  me,
       The Loose Moose.

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

A Class act 

With all the Facts  

Bad Bitch

Use humour to tackle heavy, serious topics that often go under played or remain unexamined.


Figurehead a memorable and informative NFT collection that acts as a glossary for any terminology surrounding Domestic Abuse and narcissism. 


Create an awareness platform for Domestic Abuse to present effective solutions through psychology and neuroscience.


Create an Educational Programme on 'Abusive Dynamics' (& the surrounding science) - suitable for people of all ages.

Sponsor novelists ( that are writing on

the subject of D.A.)

Work alongside Helpful Holistics to

create an optimum therapy course for

victims and abusers.


Team up with a select number of

associated charities & organisations. 

Aims:Bad Bitch Will:

Ravin' Raven


Poorly treated by several owners

Always in and out of the pound.
She became a Pheonix out of flames of past relationships.

She went from a bad bitch, to the Baddest of all bitches!

(Turning insults into a new sassy empowering persona!)

Loves to write and paint. 

Enemies: Exe's - Hound dogs and Strays from back alleys.

Bad Bitch copy.png

 Road Map  Coming Soon! 

Help establish and define 'healthy sexuality': educating on sexual addiction (And masturbation).

Demystify kinks and the fetish scene.

Mascot for the Book: The School of Porn: the psychology of fetishisms.

Mascot for the Hypnotherapy programme: Discover your natural magnetism & sensual potential.

Mascot for the Education system: Male and female psychology in attraction and sexuality


The Feline

that gets Freaky

Aims:THE CAT Will:


Everybody wants to be a  sexy  cat.

Lost and confused, the runt of the litter was in to the world of dogs - and all he knew was the loved the ladies.


He went from a fretting feline to a sassy-ass player, exploring all the fetishes and sampling the flavours.

He learnt how there's nothing sexier than integrating the feminine side into your masculinity: knowing your preferences and always improving. 


  • Power: being sexy

  • Friends: the loose moose and Bad Bitch

  • Enemy: Militant Max



  • Create a Music And Poetry oetry forum

  • Host a series of Podcasts on hip hop, and meditations on poetry.

  • Awaken people's authentic creative potential

  • Help people discover their individuality; & how it can be a compliment to the masses. 

  • Be 'all about' the correct use of serotonin, kingly energy. 

  • Mascot a Hypnotherapy programme: Discovering creative potential and how to utilise it. 

  • Educate people on enlightened social dynamics and leadership, safeguarding against obligatory dynamics.


  • Power: master of poetry

  • Friends: Bad Bitch, and Moley

  • Descendant of Osiris, The Egyptian Dog God of the Dead.

  • Raised in packs, he became a master of hierarchy and 'The Win-Win'.

  • He journeyed from Mut,to Gangster Don, to Poetry Master.

  • Knowing the dangers of a bad leader, he loves how things can complement each other, and fit together like poetry. 

  • Now, he lives underground, looking to find the potential in lost and stuck souls, hoping to awaken their creative potential.

S.U.P. Dawg

The Secret Underground Poet

A.K.A The Canine King

Aims:S.U.P. Dawg Will:


Sup dawg.png
Sup dawg.png

The dancer

With all the answers

  • A descendant from the two ravens that sat on Odin's shoulder, his ancestors reminded people of their morality.

  • After Ravin' Raven was cast out for being too care free; he found himself engaging in depressing and self-destructive behaviour. He soon realised that shame and guilt held wisdom: they show us how we are all deeply connected. 

  • Now the Ravin' Raven enlightens people on how to transmute negative emotions, and use them as guides, and fuel, to living a balanced life. 


  • Power: Dancing through the rain drops

  • Friends: Catnip, Bad bitch, Sup Dawg

  • Enemy: Pudgy Pidgeon, the "cooer" of rights not to feel bad. 


Turn your cravings into the need to rave!

  • Mascot for a Hypnotherapy programme made to better understand and transmute guilt & shame.

  • Figure head an Educational system on the morality built in to our biology: how we can live a good life by listening to our own nature.

Ravin' Raven

Ravin Raven copy.png

 Ravin' Raven 



  • Be a mascot for 'The Inner Hero' Hypno-programme, accessing our potential through mythology.

  • Educate people on the nature of monsters in mythology and their relation to 'the four trauma responses'.

  • Elucidate upon 'the hero's journey', creating a new aim to befriend - not conquer - the dragon.

  • Educate on how epinephrine is essential for neuroplasticity and learning and a key component of play.

Dragon Boy

Aims: the DRAGON Will:

He gets his Kicks

From ancient Myths

Dragon Boy


Our awesome playful foe!

  • Descendant from the most infamous mythological beast.

  • Most believe him evil and try to fight him: he fights back in defence or turns to stone.

  • Dragon boy just wants to be seen for his playful, protective spirit. He wants friends to look after & journey on great adventures with. 

  • Credentials:

  • Friends: The brave and playful

  • Enemies: Cowards and Tyrants

  • Power: All the Classic Dragon Powers!

 Dragon Boy 

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

More Coming Soon...

The 1st Collection



The Mascot for Well Being

The Solly Bros

A Special Thankyou for Reading

Lets Get This  Done.

Peace Love &Providence



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